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Best of State: 4th consecutive year

Empanada Express wins prestigious “Best of State”!

(For Utah’s 2019 “Best of State – Latin American Restaurant”)

Featured Empanada

The Jamaican!

Ground beef with potatoes and curry!

The Combo Meal

“Make It a Meal”!

Add the “Meal” to any Empanada — includes: white rice, black or pinto beans, plantain and cucumber tomato salad.

Limited Time Only

The Nutella Empanada!

For a limited time, sweeten-up life with a Latin America favorite–the Banana and Nutella Empanada!  Sliced bananas, nutella and a dusting of cinnamon sugar topping.

Featured Side

Love chips but concerned about the fat and sodium?  Can’t get enough of our famous sauces?  Try our delicious and healthy “Plantain” chips.  Made from platanos (the South American version of bananas), they provide a healthy and delicious alternative to mundane chips.  Dip them in the avocado sauce to add some zest!


Latin America’s favorite food — The Empanada — is prepared fresh daily at the Empanada Express Kitchen in Midvale, Utah.  Each uniquely stamped empanada is then baked or fried and served with amazing dipping sauces including our famous “Avocado Sauce”.

Puerto Rican rice, black beans, Plantain chips, Quesillo and other latin favorites are served along-side to complete the authentic “Taste of Latin America”.

Come celebrate Utah’s prestigious “Best of State” award with Empanada Express and enjoy the “Banana & Nutella Empanada” for a Latin America dessert twist!